How Millennials Drive Brand Relevance

When it comes to brand relevance, millennials and non-millennials have more in common than they think. In this post, I’ll do a deep dive into how U.S. millennials (18-37 years old) view brand relevance similarly and differently from non-millennials — and why brands like Spotify, Westin, and Target register a relevance score almost twice as high among millennials than non-millennial customers.

Artificial Intelligence is Nothing Without Artificial Empathy

In the same way that IQ (or raw intelligence) helps humans make rational decisions, EQ (or emotional intelligence) helps humans make decisions based on empathy. Can artificial intelligence (AI) help us develop better empathy for our customers — and, in some cases, have even better empathy than humans? Today I share my thoughts on the subject, based on the newest research into “artificial empathy.”

The Top Digital Transformation Priorities For 2016 – Part 1

Is your organization focused on the right things to drive digital transformation? And I mean a deep, meaningful digital transformation — one where the embrace of digital fundamentally changes an aspect of your business model that results in growth and better profits. Over the past two months, I filtered through hundreds of “top trends and predictions …

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