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Leadership & Strategy Advisory

“I’m trying to drive disruption in my company, and no one is stepping up. How do I encourage my team to rise to this moment?”

“We are trying to innovate, but nothing is working. How do we get the changes we’re making to stick?”

“I’m used to running things a certain way, but I know I must give up some control. How do I let go without losing my authority?”

These are just a few of the problems facing today’s leaders. 

They need help changing their corporate culture. They need advice on how to set a strategy with room to grow. They need the go-ahead to get comfortable with change. 

And, for years, leaders across the globe have brought these problems to Charlene to solve.

Generative AI Strategy Audits

Looking for an immersive experience to jump-start a strategy or propel it to the finish line? Charlene’s latest offering is an audit of your generative AI strategy that evaluates how well it supports your business strategy and results in specific recommendations. Charlene partners closely with teams to design and facilitate interactive, results-driven strategy workshops tailored to their organization's unique needs and goals. 

Through pre-workshop stakeholder interviews and planning sessions, Charlene takes a deep-dive into your business to identify your core challenges and growth opportunities. She then works with you to define the workshop outcomes and an agenda to spark strategic thinking and alignment among your leadership team. 

Her hands-on strategy audit workshops, ranging from half-day to multi-day sessions, are highly participative experiences focused on achieving your established goals and deliverables. Charlene leverages her research on generative AI strategy and best practices for the audit and brings her extensive expertise in disruptive innovation, future trends, and organizational transformation to bear, which guides your team through thoughtful discussion, debate, prioritization, and decision-making. 

Participants leave Charlene's strategy workshops intellectually engaged and equipped with concrete, customized plans to drive transformative change within their organization. 

After the workshop, Charlene also circles back with leadership to ensure continued momentum, effective implementation, and a lasting impact.

Contact Charlene to discuss how her Generative AI Strategy Audit can accelerate your organization's success.

Exponential Leadership Coaching

Stop navigating disruption blindly. Leading disruptive transformation requires a special set of capabilities that even the best executives often lack. Charlene's personalized executive coaching propels leaders to the next level, equipping them with the mindsets, skills, and confidence to drive exponential growth. 

Charlene's tailored, high-impact coaching process provides personalized insights and practical tools to unleash your full potential as a transformative leader. Through a collaborative approach that incorporates feedback from your stakeholders, you'll identify key growth areas and develop concrete strategies to make an impact. 

She begins with a systematic assessment of your strengths, growth areas, and performance gaps relative to the organization's innovation goals. Leveraging stakeholder interviews, she uncovers leadership blindspots and tailors a coaching plan focused on the capacities needed to lead transformational change. 

Over six or twelve months of intensive 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll develop expanded strategic foresight, comfort with ambiguity and risk, change management abilities, and skills for inspiring innovation across the organization. Charlene provides you with real-time feedback, stretch assignments, and access to new frameworks and tools. 

Her stakeholder-centered approach ensures measurable improvements in the leadership qualities that matter most for catalyzing transformation: renewed confidence, emotional intelligence, and the ability to drive exponential growth. 

Charlene's commitment to demonstrable results comes with a money-back guarantee so you can confidently transform your leadership. She is certified by Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching model, a member of 100 Coaches, and an instructor at The Institute for Coaching. 

Contact Charlene to discuss how Exponential Leadership Coaching can unlock your disruptive potential.

Future-Focused Board Leadership

As disruption accelerates, a company's board of directors is crucial in guiding strategic transformations. However, many boards lack the experience and insights needed to steer their organizations through technology-driven change.

Charlene works closely with boards to develop the acumen and buy-in required to drive bold, future-focused strategies centered on disruptive innovation. Through advisory sessions, education, and coaching, she helps boards understand emerging technologies like generative AI and equips them to actively support management in pursuing transformative opportunities while mitigating risks. 

Charlene also provides invaluable perspective by serving on boards herself. With her extensive C-suite experience and insights into leading disruptive change, she is a strategic asset for any board aiming to capitalize on new innovations and business models. 

Let Charlene advise and educate your board, or bring her disruptive leadership experience directly to your boardroom table. Her guidance helps boards foster the crucial alignment, courage, and foresight to lead their companies into the future. 

Contact Charlene to explore how her Future-Focused Board Leadership can ignite transformation at both the board and company levels.

Educational Courses

In these online courses, Charlene brings to life key concepts from her research and writing on topics including:

  • Generative AI and Workplace Transformation
    By now, most forward-thinking organizations are aware of generative AI, but many are grappling with their own plan of thinking about and deploying gen AI in a way that makes sense.

    In this course, Charlene offers key insights on workforce impact and planning so that companies and their teams can sort through an AI-first strategy that allows employees to still learn and thrive amid uncertainty. 
  • Moving Past Change Fatigue to the Growth Edge
    Disruption creates opportunities. When employees and leaders are mired in a crisis, they often find innovative ways to tackle old processes. But how can organizations sustain the pace of change without triggering burnout?

    In this course, Charlene shows you how to define clear boundaries so that teams feel comfortable leaving their comfort zone and working at “the edge.” Plus, she shares tips for combatting change fatigue, including how to set stretch goals and keep focus on future customers.
  • The Steps to Digital Leadership Success 
    Today's most influential leaders have an online presence. But how do you lead followers in such a crowded and competitive landscape?

    In this course, Charlene explains the three steps for extending leadership into the digital space: listening, sharing, and engaging. Her lessons allow you to transform your professional relationships with employees, peers, and influencers.
  • The Ultimate Disruption Playbook
    Do you relish change? You likely have a high “Disruption Quotient”—the desire to formulate and execute a disruption strategy that results in breakthrough growth. But the desire to be disruptive alone isn’t enough.

    In this course, Charlene helps get you to the next level. To be truly disruptive, you must have a strategy for disruption and a plan to identify and seize an opportunity that no one else has the audacity or confidence to reach for. 
  • HR and Digital Transformation
    Integrating and accepting new technology in all business areas is a people-centric process, so HR plays such an essential part.

    In this course, Charlene explores the role of HR in successful digital transformation. Learn how to incorporate data into your decision-making and discover how transforming your employee experience and company culture will lead to increased innovation, productivity, and engagement. Consult Charlene today.

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What People Say

Charlene organized and facilitated a workshop on disruption with transformative potential for our leadership team. By carefully considering our needs and customizing her approach, she delivered an experience that not only stretched our thinking but also provided the tools to turn big ideas into action. We’re a stronger leadership team for the experience!

Scott Greene

SVP of Corporate Strategy, Fruit of the Loom

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