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Winning with Generative AI

Whether you’re ready or not, it is time to explore the transformative world of generative AI. Because the adoption of AI is so varied, Charlene meets audiences where they are—but takes them to where they need to be. From providing foundational knowledge to exploring the balance between mitigating risk and maximizing opportunities, she equips leaders with advanced strategies they can apply today and well into the future.

In this speech, Charlene will tailor her talking points to the audience's needs. For a large conference, she may focus on crafting a future-ready strategy, whereas she may tailor an in-company executive session to create a unified vision and roadmap to enhance organizational excellence. For generative AI leaders, she may pinpoint the intricacies of formulating and executing a comprehensive strategy that provides a compelling vision for AI that aligns with long-term goals.

Audiences will learn to:

  • Ground the generative AI strategy in the company’s purpose, values, and business strategy
  • Identify the top ways generative AI can strengthen and defend your competitive advantage
  • Understand the workforce, leadership, and culture implications of generative AI adoption
  • Create a robust generative AI strategy amid a fast-changing and uncertain technology landscape

Disruptive Transformation

“Disrupt or die” has been the rallying cry for decades, but what does it actually mean to be disruptive, to make it the center of your strategy? Many established companies set a goal to develop “disruptive” innovations, believing innovation will disrupt their market and drive growth. But that’s not how it works: Disruption doesn’t create growth. Growth creates disruption. 

In this speech, Charlene acknowledges that transformations are never easy, and the unrelenting pace of technological change makes it doubly difficult. But there’s hope and a way forward—starting with reframing your strategy, leadership, and culture so that disruptive growth is at the top of your agenda. 

Audiences will learn to: 

  • Define what disruption is—and isn’t—and how it can drive disruptive growth
  • Identify and prioritize the right disruptive growth moves and align the organization around them
  • Understand how leaders must show up differently when pursuing a disruption strategy
  • Instill disruption into a status-quo culture

The Future of Work

New technologies pop up daily that allow us to connect and communicate with employees in real time. Yet organizations are wired for a bygone era when there was the luxury of time and proximity. Most organizations measure employee engagement in yearly surveys—hardly the way to truly engage employees in the digital era. 

In this speech, Charlene makes the case to develop a new mindset, one that’s centered on creating a long-term relationship with employees that melds holistically with creating great experiences for customers. From creating belonging among hybrid workers to the adoption of generative AI, we'll dig deep into how technology is changing the nature of work and our relationship with employees. 

Audiences will learn to: 

  • Understand how employee expectations in the workplace are being influenced by their personal use of technology , especially generative AI
  • Prepare for the long-term implications for employee engagement 
  • Identify the experiences that employees value the most
  • Create rich collaboration experiences that support a different way of work

Leadership in the Digital Age

Digital technologies have revolutionized relationships, and leadership is no exception. To be truly engaged, effective leaders must harness and master the power of digital communications and branding, especially with the challenges of leading a distributed team. 

In this speech, Charlene explains that the key is understanding how your personal leadership style can be extended and scaled through digital techniques to achieve your most important goals. You’ll learn the art and science of how to listen, share, and engage with employees and customers in the digital era. We’ll also discuss common objections and concerns of leaders and how to address them. 

Audiences will learn to:

  • Master a new way of developing relationships, which begins by stepping out of traditional hierarchies
  • Listen at scale, share to shape, and engage to transform 
  • Shift to a digital mindset
  • Apply the right digital tools to meet strategic goals

Leading With Wisdom

What does it mean to be wise? Wisdom is not just a matter of intelligence, knowledge, or character. Smart people make foolish decisions all the time. But what if we could improve our decision-making even a little bit and make consistently wiser choices? Imagine the exponential impact if we could intentionally support the people in our organizations to be wiser, regardless of their experience levels. 

In this speech, Charlene takes audiences on a journey of discovery toward experiencing the true power of wisdom. With the right tools and guidance, you, too, can learn to make the right decisions and create a life and organization filled with meaning, purpose, and happiness. 

Audiences will learn to: 

  • Define wisdom in the context of leading an organization
  • Develop wisdom in themselves and others
  • Create a wise organization capable of consistently making great decisions
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Why Book Charlene

From 10,000-person keynote speeches to intimate executive workshops, Charlene has captivated audiences with her authoritative voice and insights. Here's what makes Charlene's speeches unique:

  • Trustworthy Clarity
  • The Big Gulp Moment
  • Empathetic Engagement
  • Pragmatic Possibilities
  • Industy Customized

She Provides Trustworthy Clarity

In an age where complexity can overwhelm, Charlene stands out as a beacon of clarity. With a talent for unraveling the intricacies of topics like generative AI, she transforms complexity into clear, accessible insights. Charlene leverages cutting-edge research and real-world case studies, drawing from her extensive industry experience. This unique ability enlightens and empowers her audience, ensuring they leave with a profound understanding of even the most challenging subjects.

She Creates the Big Gulp Moment

Charlene's presentations are renowned for what is affectionately termed 'The Big Gulp Moment'—a transformative experience where audience members encounter a pivotal realization. With a background encompassing hundreds of keynote addresses, Charlene masterfully guides her audience through the latest in disruptive business and technology trends. This journey is not passive; she crafts each speech to evoke personal moments of discovery, making the insights profoundly personal and enduring.

She Connects with Empathy

Empathy lies at the heart of Charlene’s connection with her audience. Recognizing the diverse stages of professional and organizational development, she invests time to understand each audience's unique context and needs. Whether addressing startups or century-old corporations, Charlene’s approach is meticulously tailored. This deep, empathetic engagement fosters a powerful bond of trust, paving the way for messages that resonate deeply and encourage transformative thinking.

She Provides Real-World Solutions

Understanding the 'why' behind disruptive change is just the beginning; Charlene takes her audience further into the realm of 'what next.' Her presentations are a dynamic blend of inspiration and practicality, offering clear, actionable advice grounded in real-world solutions. Charlene transforms understanding into action by equipping her audience with the knowledge, confidence, and courage to take decisive steps forward, making the path to change clear and achievable.

She Tailors Her Speech to Her Audience

Charlene’s ability to customize her speeches to diverse industries is a cornerstone of her approach. From B2B insurance executives to tech startups, healthcare leaders to design firm C-suites, her presentations are as varied as her audience. An impressive roster of past engagements across automotive, financial services, healthcare, consumer goods, technology, and beyond backs this bespoke approach. Charlene's industry-specific insights and examples ensure every speech is perfectly aligned with the audience’s needs, maximizing relevance and impact.

Organizations Charlene has worked with:

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What People Say


Charlene Li is one of our finest business minds.

Daniel H. Pink

MAuthor of six books, including New York Times bestsellers When and Drive

Charlene Li will help you and your team dance with disruption in this fast-changing world.

Beth Comstock

Author of Imagine It Forward and former vice chair of GE

No matter the language, industry, or cultural nuance, Charlene consistently delivers insightful presentations that both inform and inspire audiences worldwide. Her ability to tailor her message, connect with diverse perspectives, and ignite a spark of innovation makes her an invaluable asset. Having worked together for more than a decade, she's repeatedly proven her ability to connect with audiences around the world, always leaving a lasting impact. If you're looking for a speaker who can truly resonate with a global audience and drive positive change, look no further than Charlene!

Chris Stanley

Managing Director, WOBI USA & Global Content Director

We had the pleasure of having Charlene as Keynote Speaker for our invite-only CMO event. Charlene’s keynote was the absolute highlight of the event. She is an incredible speaker who offered a great perspective on the ever changing industry. She truly inspired the audience!

Cara Bernstein

Manager of Executive Education Partnerships, The Millennium Alliance

Charlene’s passion for disruptive leadership shone through in her talk on how to create a strategy for breakthrough growth at our inaugural user conference, Collaborate. Her thought-provoking content coupled with her enthusiastic speaking led to it being one of the most engaging and highly rated talks.

Andrew Filev

Founder and CEO, Wrike

We had 50 speakers at our recent executive conference – many of them world-class, top-rated presenters. Attendees ranked Charlene's keynote in the top 3. She exhibited not only a firm grasp of the topic at hand (in this case, how AI is disrupting companies), but also delivered it in a style that kept the audience engaged and taking notes. Her presentations aren't filled with fluff. They're factual, to-the-point, frank, and peppered with actionable perspectives.

Gordon Borrell

CEO of Borrell Associates

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