What Makes Charlene’s Speeches Unique

Creates the A-HA Moment

With hundreds of appearances and five bestselling books under her belt, Charlene not only has the expertise to explain of the latest disruptive business and technology trends, but she also creates a personal moment of discovery for each person in the audience. By becoming active participants, the takeaways stay with people long after the keynote is done.

Connects With

The topics Charlene speaks about push audiences to the edge of their comfort zone so prior to each engagement, Charlene takes the time to understand where the audience stands in their journey, That way, she can customize the presentation to build a deeper connection and trust with the audience.

Builds Capabilities &
Instills Confidence

It’s one thing to understand the problem – it’s another to know what to do about it. Charlene inspires the audience with the “why” for the disruptive change, then arms the audience with pragmatic advice on what to do. Most importantly, she gives them the confidence and the courage to go back and take that all-important first step.

Speaking Topics

Tailoring Speeches For Your Audience

Charlene tailors every speech to address specific learning objectives for each audience. This has included diverse audiences ranging from global B2B insurance executives to the leadership of design and architecture firms. Below are questions addressed for some of the most common industries.
  • How do you create a compelling patient experience in a fragmented healthcare landscape? How do you create a sense that you know and understand the patient while working within the confirms of regulations like HIPPA?
  • How are healthcare organizations embracing disruption to create better patient experiences and outcomes?
  • Organizations in healthcare and pharma have as their foundation a strong sense of purpose and mission. How can leaders use digital technologies to translate and transfer these values deep into the organization and ensure that actions and practices align?
  • How can financials service companies disrupt themselves and stay ahead of well-funded fintech startups as well as powerful new entrants like Amazon and Google?
  • Digital and social tools represent an untapped opportunity to engage both with clients and internally with employees. In the highly regulated financial services industry, how do you safely deploy and manage these seemingly risky technologies to drive business results and increase customer satisfaction?
  • How are consumers’ experiences with disruptive companies like Amazon and Uber setting the bar high for financial service companies? How can you best understand and then deliver on these heightened expectations when you operate in a highly regulated industry?
  • In an Amazon and Alibaba dominated world, what must retailers do to not just fend off these disruptive players, but thrive in the new digital landscape?
  • How are consumer products forging a new relationship with consumers with new technologies like IoT and disrupting traditional distribution and retail channels in the process?
  • What are the best ways to connect customer experience to employee experience in the retail environment? How are organizations designing the future retail experience to match the realities of how people will work in the future?

Scott Greene

Charlene organized and facilitated a workshop on disruption with transformative potential for our leadership team. By carefully considering our needs and customizing her approach, she delivered an experience that not only stretched our thinking, but also provided the tools to turn big ideas into action. We’re a stronger leadership team for the experience!
SVP of Corporate Strategy, Fruit of the Loom

Cara Bernstein

We had the pleasure of having Charlene as Keynote Speaker for our invite-only CMO event. Charlene’s keynote was the absolute highlight of the event. She is an incredible speaker who offered a great perspective on the ever changing industry. She truly inspired the audience!
Manager of Executive Education Partnerships at The Millennium Alliance

Andrew Filev

Charlene’s passion for disruptive leadership shone through in her talk on how to create a strategy for breakthrough growth at our inaugural user conference, Collaborate. Her thought-provoking content coupled with her enthusiastic speaking led to it being one of the most engaging and highly rated talks.
Founder and CEO, Wrike

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