Digital Transformation

Getting Comfortable with Cultural Change

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5 Tips to Better Train Executives on Digital Transformation

If you are leading a digital transformation effort, you know how important it is to get executive buy-in. Yet many leaders have only a tangential grasp of what it means to be “digital” and shy away from getting their hands dirty. Here are five tips on how to design or retool your digital training and development programs…

HR’s Role in Digital Transformation

We often think about digital transformation as something tackled by the dynamic duo of Marketing and IT. But there needs to be a third — HR. That’s because, while digital transformation appears to be about technology, at its heart it’s about people, and the relationships that are changed because of these digital technologies. Today I examine the key takeaways from a recent Prophet report on the subject.

The Top Digital Transformation Priorities For 2016 – Part 1

Is your organization focused on the right things to drive digital transformation? And I mean a deep, meaningful digital transformation — one where the embrace of digital fundamentally changes an aspect of your business model that results in growth and better profits. Over the past two months, I filtered through hundreds of “top trends and predictions …

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