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Winning with Generative AI: The 90-Day Blueprint for Success

This is not a book about technology.
This is a book about leadership.

Inside Charlene’s New Book

Your comprehensive guide to mastering generative AI within a strategic framework tailored to your organization's purpose and values.


Authored by the renowned Charlene Li and Katia Walsh, this book transcends the basic understanding of generative AI by offering a researched, step-by-step blueprint that equips leaders with the knowledge to craft a customized generative AI strategy that not only navigates but thrives in the face of industry volatility.

AI Research

Central to the blueprint? Practical case studies and cutting-edge research illustrate how organizations across regions and industries have gained remarkable competitive advantages by strategically leveraging AI on their own terms.


The book also equips leaders with tools, including best practices, templates, and a dynamic "Six-Quarter Walk" planning tool to develop and execute a resilient generative AI strategy amid relentless technological change.

Winning with Generative AI balances safely optimizing your unique differentiators with making strategic investments to lead at the AI forefront. It provides an actionable roadmap to transform inevitable disruption into a strategic advantage and secure your position as an industry frontrunner amid the uncertainties of technological evolution.

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How the Book Was Made

How do you write about something that is constantly changing?

It’s true: when you think about a book, you imagine it takes months or even years to write and then it’s meant to be a lasting resource once published. 

Well, behold the miracle of modern publishing: Charlene and co-author Katia Walsh are publishing Winning with Generative AI with a technology called Print On Demand. When you order your book copy, it’s printed right then. If a significant change in the AI landscape occurs, the manuscript will be updated, so the latest version is always ready to go with new case studies and discoveries! 

This book isn’t meant to chase every little update. Yes, technology is constantly changing, but the problems organizations face are relatively constant. That’s the purpose of Winning with Generative AI—to help leaders use AI to create a coherent strategy to win with a better competitive advantage. The methodologies behind that won’t call for reprinting!

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