Webinar: A Foundation For Mobile Business

Now for a word on mobile in the enterprise. Altimeter’s mobile analyst, Chris Silva, is working on a report that explores how managers on the business-side – not the IT – side of the organization are increasingly leading the charge to bring mobility to their workforce.

A key challenge is how to build the control and security foundation for a mobile business strategy. Chris and I will be hosting an open, no-cost webinar on Wed March 28th at 10am PT/1pm ET that will discuss the key elements of the mobile control layer, its importance, and how both the technologies and leadership elements should come together to provide a foundation for a coherent enterprise mobility strategy.

The Mobile Control Plane Should Underlie All Mobile Strategy


Having business leaders take the reigns in mobile is a growing trend and a change in strategy that ensure the people who know the needs of the mobile workforce are driving strategy. This strategic shift, however, still relies on IT having put in place a mobile control layer that provides security, management and overall policy to govern mobile as it spreads across the organization. This foundation, which underlies all of the business-driven use of mobile, is comprised of many pieces and goes well beyond mobile device management (MDM) the increasingly catch-all phrase that vendors are using to insinuate themselves onto shortlists of mobility partners.

This session will be interactive, with Q/A and will answer the following questions:
  • What are the steps I must take before I can hand my line of business managers (sales, support, products) the reigns to deploy the mobile strategy that’s right for them?
  • What is IT’s role vs. the business management’s role in making mobility an element of strategy that positively impacts the business?
  • What technologies and strategies should be in my “plan” to enact mobility? Isn’t MDM enough?
We’re going to be looking at what the most common use cases are for mobility, the challenges organizations have encountered in bringing mobile tools on board and explore what the best tools are – and the partners that provide them – depending on the workforce you’re trying to empower.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday March 28th at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific time.

Register today at: https://bit.ly/mobilecontrol



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