My New Book The Engaged Leader is Now Available!

Picture of Charlene Li holding her book, The Engaged Leader
First time I’m holding the book, @SXSW Bookstore

I’m excited to unveil my latest book, The Engaged Leader, available today. I held it for the first time on Friday and there’s nothing like that first view of your “baby.” I wrote the book for all of the leaders who know they need to engage in digital and social channels — but aren’t. At stake is your credibility as a leader — you can’t exhort your organization to be digitally engaged if you aren’t yourself.

I’ve been on the road sharing this message for the past few weeks and it’s gratifing to hear the takeaways from people. The book is a very quick read — under 100 pages. That means you can easily tackle it during a flight, in an evening, or even lunch if you’re a fast reader and slow eater. Because it’s slim, you can also slip it undetected into the bag of your leader — and chances are they will read it!

Two resources to be aware of: a Frequently Asked Questions page and worksheet that you can use to create your personal engaged leader strategy.

Order by March 30 to Join an Exclusive Webinar

if you order the book by March 30th and email the receipt to, you’ll receive a special invitation to an “Ask Me Anything” webinar on Tuesday, March 31st at 10am Pacific Time. This is your chance — don’t be shy, there’s nothing you can’t ask! And I’ll do my best to answer.

Help Spread the Word

I’ve been touched by the many people who have offered to help with the book launch. If you feel so moved, here’s what you can do: Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — wherever you think your network would want to hear about the book. Here are some pre-made posts to inspire you.

Review the Book

If you’re interested in reviewing the book, please email me. I’m happy to also do interviews, podcasts, and video recordings — it’s a matter of getting it scheduled.


Here’s the presentation that I gave at SXSW — to date, it’s the best synopsis of the book in PPT. Feel free to to download the slides and use it in your organization — I just ask that you give full attribution to me and Altimeter Group.