Don’t Get Blinded by Customers

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Learn why you need to think beyond your profitable customers.


Leadership expert Charlene Li discusses the dangers of ignoring the needs of future customers. After watching, if your mindset is focused on trying to control your customers as the best way forward, check out the post Can You Control Your Customers to learn more.



Hi, I’m Charlene Li, and today I’m going to be talking about growth. And in particular, why growth is the magic elixir.

And what I mean by that is, when you think about growing, it’s one thing to grow the usual two, three, maybe six or even 10% every year if that’s the thing that you do every single year. But when you’re asked to push growth, to get breakthrough growth, that is going to cause a lot of disruption. And I think one of the biggest reasons why companies do not pursue more aggressive growth rates and strategies, is because it’s going to be really hard to do. And yet, if you can paint a picture for what growth will do, the opportunities that growth will create, the new opportunities for people to grow into new positions, and create new capabilities and skills.

For you as an organization to be able to create new ways to serve customers because of the growth. And in many ways, if you can paint that picture, growth becomes that magic elixir again that as you confront these really hard obstacles and difficulties that come in the way because growth is hard, then you can paint that picture and say this is what we’re trying to do, this is what we’re trying to achieve together. And I find that organizations like Amazon, where one of their top leadership principles is to think big and really big. And this is a charge not just that the leaders of the organization, the executives of the organization hold, but what every single person in the organization is charged with doing. In fact, they invoke those principles in the hiring process, and in the promotion process at Amazon.

So how can your organization think big? Because if you can think big, then your opportunities to create growth and that vision of where you want to go creates again that way to able to smooth out the process. Now, this isn’t to say that growth isn’t hard. It’s extremely hard but I think again if you can paint growth and think of it, not as something that’s going to be just overwhelmingly hard but that there is that pot at the end of the rainbow, that growth is going to be worth the effort.

So I wish you good luck on that growth journey and I will be back in about two weeks with another blog video and also, please follow me on my various social media channels and especially on LinkedIn. You can find me by just searching for Charlene Li. I hope to stay engaged with you and talk to you soon. Bye bye.