Past Media Appearances


Leading Change Within Organizations: Why Disruption Is a Good Thing, Strategic Health Care Marketing, August 25, 2021 [Article]

Charlene Li on Succeeding at Digital Transformation Human Capital, August 23, 2021 [Podcast]
Speech with Fast Company Magazine/Turkey Human Capital, September 14, 2021 [Interview]

What do the next five years of work look like?  Seek Employer, August 25, 2021 [Podcast]


Cultivating a Disruption Mindset, Banking Transformed, December 02, 2020 [Podcast]
Disrupting your business with Charlene Li, Loop Email, September 18, 2020 [Podcast]
US networks rollout 5G, but consumers yet to see the benefit, AP Archive, August 22, 2020 [Broadcast]
What leaders get most wrong about disruption, Mike Walsh, August 20, 2020 [Podcast]
Defining the Future of Work, Prophet, July 24, 2020 [Podcast]
Expert says Twitter breach undermines trust, Associated Press, July 16, 2020 [Broadcast]
Digital Transformation Learning Path With Charlene Li, SYKES Global, July 06, 2020 [Podcast]
Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen, July 02, 2020 [Article]
LeadingThrough Disruption with Charlene Li, SalesPOP!, May 13, 2020 [Podcast]
Inside Personal Growth,, May 11, 2020 [Podcast]
The Curve Benders Podcast by David Nour, Curve Benders by David Nour, March 10, 2020 [Podcast]
Does Your Institution Have a Disruptive Mindset?, The Financial Brand, February 12, 2020 [Article]
Banking Transformed Podcast, The Financial Brand, February 11, 2020 [Podcast]
Inside LaunchStreet, LaunchStreet, January 17, 2020 [Podcast]


Becoming Your Best, by ashleytough, December 03, 2019 [Podcast]
The Leadership Caffeine Podcast, Art Petty, November 15, 2019 [Podcast]
A Shark’s Perspective Marketing Podcast, A Shark’s Perspective, November 04, 2019 [Podcast]
What do Charlene Li and Wayne Gretzky have in common?, MarTech, Septmeber 26, 2019 [Article]
The Disruption Mindset, With Charlene Li, Heard on the Street, September 25, 2019 [Podcast]
The Remarkable Leader Podcast, September 18, 2019 [Podcast]
Changing Lives Podcast, Dan Casetta, September 04, 2019 [Podcast]
The Talent Grow Show with Halelly Azulay, The Talent Grow Show, July 02, 2019 [Podcast]
Glambition Radio, Jul 07, 2019 [Podcast]
Dr. Will Show Podcast, Jul 06, 2019 [Podcast]
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder, Jul 05, 2019 [Podcast]
Keep Leading with Eddie Turner, Keep Leading!®, April 10, 2019 [Podcast]
The Community Roundtable Podcast, January 28, 2019 [Podcast]


7 TED Talks That Will Help You Be A Better Leader, Forbes, Jul 30, 2018 [Article]
Facebook Privacy Settings Still Too Complicated, AP Archive, April 18, 2018 [Broadcast]
Modern Selling Podcast, Spotify, April 01, 2018 [Podcast]
Some Deleting Facebook After New Privacy Scandal, AP Archive, March 25, 2018 [Broadcast]


Who wants to get ‘chipped’?, USA Today, July 29, 2017 [Article]
Six Pixels of Separation – The Mirim Podcast, Mitch Joel, Jul 11, 2017 [Podcast]
The Year of the Peer, Leo Bottary, January 12, 2017 [Podcast]



CEOs’ Uncensored Tweets And What You Can Learn From Them, Fast Company, Jul 02, 2015 [Article]
Why No One Uses the Corporate Social Network, HBR, April 07, 2015 [Article]
Advice for Becoming an ‘Engaged Leader’, Knowledge@Wharton, March 30, 2015 [Article]


Ice Bucket Challenge: Can Lightning Strike Again?, NY Times, November 06, 2014 [Article]
3 Trends That Are Changing The Way We Work Today, Fast Company, Jul 19, 2014 [Article]

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