What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m sharing what I’m working on with the hopes that it will 1) you’ll help me with these project where possible; 2) not ping me about projects that aren’t on this list.

    • My latest book The Disruption MIndset is at the printer! It’s been a learning and growth process (aka I messed up a lot!) self-publishing this book and I’m glad to have had some great partners like IdeaPress and my editor, Genoveva Llosa, helping me along the way. Launch date is September 24th! You can read the Introduction now. 
    • I’m working on developing Quantum Networks, a community of disruptors that will support them on their quest to create exponential change and transformation in their organizations, communities, and society. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me! I’m looking for beta testers. 
    • Finishing up a report on the state of social business. Social is a mess and not just for the obvious reasons often in the news, like algorithmically elevation of extreme views and the trouncing of privacy. Social initially had the same promise as the early days of the Internet, where people could connect with each other without intermediaries in authentic and transparent ways. Where did we go wrong? Is there a way to still make it right? If you have examples or ideas of how social can return to its strategic and relationship-building roots, please get in touch! 
    • Writing a lot of blog posts, putting them “in the bag” so to speak, in anticipation of a busy fall. I keep a list of blog post headlines in my notebook and use it as a starting point for my writing. When do I write? Whenever I can find a few minutes to jot things down, even if it’s working through an outline in my notebook while waiting 10 minutes for the bus to come or the plane to take off. 
    • Thinking about how the simple question, “Where are you from?” can go wrong so quickly. When I lived on the East Coast, a week wouldn’t go that I wasn’t asked that question. It’s not as offensive as “go back to where you came from”, but there’s a subtle push, nonetheless, that I was seen as not belonging, not from “here”, not “one of us”. Living in California, I’m rarely asked this question, and if so, it’s from a place of genuine curiousity to learn more about me, not to place me in some kind of ordered universe. 
    • I’ve been home in San Francisco for a blissful four weeks and am about to leave for a two week vacation with my extended family to visit my mother’s homestead in Taiwan. Then spending six days in Tokyo, Kyoto, and a quick dash over to Hong Kong before heading back home. I’m looking forward to learning more about my family heritage, eating lots of amazing street food, and soaking up as much Asian culture and tech as well. Suggestions welcome! 
    • While home, I indulged in my “slow foods” hobby and made a ton of artisan bread and kombucha. Very good: sourdough blue cheese bread. Bad: sourdough starter oozing out of a too-small container and hardening on my counter. Ugly/nasty: kombucha flavored with cotton candy grapes

Updated July 22, 2019 in San Francisco

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