What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m sharing what I’m working on with the hopes that it will 1) you’ll help me with these project where possible; 2) not ping me about projects that aren’t on this list.

    • I’m writing this from Italy, where enjoying a few days in Florence before heading to Milan and then Madrid for speeches for WOBI on Digital Transformation.
    • Between viewing Michaelangelo’s “David” and eating way too much gelato, I’m finishing the manuscript for my next book, The Disruption Mindset. Good thing there’s readily available coffee here!
    • Looking forward to the launch mode for the book. If you’re interested in reading a review copy or hosting a launch event starting in May, please contact me.
    • I’m also planning a podcast called “The Disruptors” where I interview people who have created disruptive transformations. Who would you like to see me interview?
    • For fun, I organized a jam session with my fellow YPO members for this coming Friday. It’s been years since I’ve played in a band (keyboards). It’s a great way to develop a deeper bond with my colleagues—and it’s just good plain fun to rock!
    • Heading to Moab, Utah at the end of April (for fun) and to Sydney at the end of May (for work). I welcome any suggestions!

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