Artificial Intelligence is Nothing Without Artificial Empathy

In the same way that IQ (or raw intelligence) helps humans make rational decisions, EQ (or emotional intelligence) helps humans make decisions based on empathy. Can artificial intelligence (AI) help us develop better empathy for our customers — and, in some cases, have even better empathy than humans? Today I share my thoughts on the subject, based on the newest research into “artificial empathy.”

What Tesla and Trump have in common

Other than beginning with the letter “T,” there’s something that both Tesla and Donald Trump have in common. They both created movements. Here’s how they did it — and what organizations eager to disrupt their industries need to master.

The Top Digital Transformation Priorities For 2016 – Part 1

Is your organization focused on the right things to drive digital transformation? And I mean a deep, meaningful digital transformation — one where the embrace of digital fundamentally changes an aspect of your business model that results in growth and better profits....

A New Chapter: Prophet Acquires Altimeter

I’m excited to announce that Altimeter is being acquired by Prophet Brand Strategy, a global brand and marketing strategy consultancy. There are two reasons why this acquisition makes so much sense for us. First, it will grow Altimeter's impact and influence. Prophet...


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