Rinse and Repeat: The Secret To Making Your Change Agenda Stick

There’s a simple truth to the way people work — like horses with blinders on, we focus on what is in front of us. In the busy-ness of the day-to-day, we lose sight of “why” we are there. Ideas like purpose, vision, mission — they sound great when we hear them, but we...

Big Gulp Decisions

The scary feelings that come with disruptive leadership are normal and to be expected -- Charlene Li talks about how to handle these "Big Gulp" moments. Here's The Transcript Hi. Charlene here and today, I'm going to be talking about the big gulp moment. At some point...

Don’t Get Blinded by Customers

Learn why you need to think beyond your profitable customers.   Leadership expert Charlene Li discusses the dangers of ignoring the needs of future customers. After watching, if your mindset is focused on trying to control...

Growth: The Magic Elixir

Watch leadership expert Charlene Li share insights on why you WANT the disruption that is inherent in any business growth. Pick up her keywords words so you can share this principle with your colleagues.

5 Tips to Better Train Executives on Digital Transformation

If you are leading a digital transformation effort, you know how important it is to get executive buy-in. Yet many leaders have only a tangential grasp of what it means to be “digital” and shy away from getting their hands dirty. Here are five tips on how to design or retool your digital training and development programs…

Reflecting on 10 Years of Groundswell and What To Do Next

10 years ago, my co-author Josh Bernoff and I released our first book, Groundswell: Living in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Today on this anniversary, I reflect on what our expectations were when we published that work, what has changed, and what has not.



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